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"Gifted Uniqueness LLC"
utilizes the art of music, spoken word, and movement to elicit emotion in teens.

Students will dissect/interpret popular Rap, R&B, and Inspirational lyrics and relate lyrics to personal experiences

Students will create original lyrics, poems, and artistic pieces to express themselves.

"The stress, fear and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic can wear anyone down, but teens may have an especially tough time coping emotionally."        American Academy of Pediatrics

“It is clear to us based on the survey findings that COVID-19 has had a measurable adverse impact on teens’ mental health. For example, 61% of teens said that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased their feelings of loneliness.”     Huffington Post 
"There are numerous mental health threats associated with the current pandemic and subsequent restrictions. COVID-19-associated mental health risks will disproportionately hit children and adolescents who are already disadvantaged and marginalized."     Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health

"Interpreting a piece of artwork or a musical performance can help a therapist/counselor understand more about what’s going on in a teenagers mind, and it can help the teenager learn more about their own motivations and feelings.  Creating art is a safe way for teens to express their inner thoughts without having to state them outright."    Paradigm Treatment 

"Poetry is one such access point to provide teenagers with an opportunity to process and integrate their emotions, find catharsis in self-expression, and discover a way to connect their personal suffering to the shared experiences of their peers."     Canadian Teacher Magazine

"Dancing has a positive effect on the prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression but is also more likely to be voluntarily continued by participants. Dance continues to show decreases in both stress and depression, making it an even more important element of a student’s mental health toolkit."
Arts in Psychotherapy Magazine

Teens who experience "Gifted Uniqueness LLC" will..

  1. Increase confidence

  2. Increase positive self-esteem

  3. Increase social skills

  4. Increase awareness of emotions

  5. Increase knowledge of iconic artists

  6. Improve behavior

  7. Improve grades

  8. Develop positive character

  9. Develop gifts and talents

About the Founding Director 
Dr. Tameka Bob - "the counselor who creatively relates to students on their level."

A New Orleans native, Tameka Bob, Ph.D. is a Personal Development Counselor, Adjunct Professor, Actor, and Writer. Dr. Bob has over 10 years of experience working with youth and the arts. She founded a non-profit organization for youth ages 11-17, facilitated a youth think tank for African-American male teens, served as administrator and instructor in several Upward Bound programs, taught various youth ministry programs, and educated students in a myriad of colleges and universities across Louisiana and California. Dr. Bob has special expertise in utilizing arts and entertainment to create a therapeutic environment.  Her resume includes, but is not limited to, providing academic and career counseling to minority medical school students, facilitating minority students college application process, educating high school students on the dangers of smoking and vaping, and helping students manage their emotions and behavior in order to succeed in school. Dr. Bob has great rapport with adolescents, and has been recognized for her work in the arts and academia. 





"For many years, my work with teens has been so fulfilling.

Up until about age 13, I was a quiet child who didn't talk much. As a teen growing up in various inner city neighborhoods of New Orleans, there weren't many people I was willing to talk to. I only enjoyed reading and playing my clarinet. It wasn't until I joined the band in high school that I began to come out of my shell. There I met some of my best friends, whom I am still friends with today. Music opened the door for my personality to shine.


As an isolated kid who never felt pretty, I held a lot of my feelings inside. While growing into myself, I began writing poetry and dancing. I joined the modern dance team in high school and won many awards as an instrumentalist, which led to several music scholarship offers. From there, I became further involved in theater and dance as a college student. Shortly after graduating from Northwestern State University with at B.S. in Psychology, I answered the call to lead in the ministry of dance.


The arts has gotten me through many difficult times. My mission is to merge counseling with the arts and entertainment, in order to live out purpose in a healthy way. My education, coupled with over 10 years of experience, has created a successful artist and counselor who is able to guide teens toward becoming healthier individuals and better students."


Dr. Bob

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