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"The Maya {Woman} in Me" is a one-woman theatrical production, accentuated by live music and dance, written and performed by Tameka Bob. Tameka tells the transparent and timely personal story of love, laughter, hardship, and resilience. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, the story begins with an all too familiar scenario during childhood, and walks the audience through her young adult life as 1/2 of a dysfunctional relationship, and progresses to an escape marriage, all while working toward a Doctorate degree. There are many twists and turns during this ride of love and life. How does she maneuver it all? She reflects on past experiences of iconic influences, while paying homage to Dr. Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, and Lorraine Hansberry.

"The Maya {Woman} in Me" seeks to educate and inspire audiences by telling a story of transparency, faith, and resilience, through artistic expression and the wisdom of wise influences. The Maya in Me is unique and caters to an audience who can benefit from modern day material, as well as literary knowledge: young adult females, college students, and those who have been directly or indirectly affected by substance abuse and women's issues. Yet, all will find a subject matter or feeling they can relate to.



*Dr. Tameka Bob is a one-woman army.  Her delightful multi-media show includes an amazing live band, rap, spoken word and impeccable dancing.  Set in New Orleans, the show shares her story of the conflict between faith and desire, of the hard lessons of love, and the ultimate redemption of the soul by being true to the foundation of her faith.  It is presented with clock-like  precision and timing, and is truly ready for Broadway and beyond.  The message of the show is so important that Dr. Bob needs to take it to the world, giving everyone else the benefit of her hard-fought wisdom, and the opportunity to find a better way for their own life. You simply MUST see this breathtaking show.  It is by far one of the best shows at this year’s Fringe, and is high on this reviewer’s list of the Best of HFF18.  Although this was her closing performance at Fringe, we are confident that she will return for an Encore performance.  If she does, don’t miss it!

*A delightful rendition of a woman’s journey of love expressed through poetry, dance, rap and acting. A one woman show that was able to bring the characters to life in such a way that made me want to meet them in person!

*The Maya in Me was a riveting show that opened the doors to the life and experiences of Tameka Bob! Tameka is an A-1 storyteller. This one woman show was well written and without a doubt a master performance. She took me to the streets of New Orleans as she relentlessly searched for “G”. She took me back to the 90’s when she spit self-written bars to the tune of some of my favorite old school hip hop songs. She kept me on my toes surprising me with twist and turns as led me through her tale of hurt and disappointment on her journey to become a doctor. She lifted my spirits with dance and poetry with the lending hand of the great Maya Angelou. And she kept me amused and chuckling as she re-enacted scenes with multiple characters. This play was a wonderful piece that allowed me to walk away with a piece of Tameka’s heart and soul in my pocket. Everyone should go see it. . she gives it her all!

*The live band music and the movement in the piece! The moments of dance and expression from the body was so cool! Tameka is a fierce and strong performer. I loved the incorporation of Maya Angelou. It was cleverly used.