Dr. Bob delivers fun, engaging and straight-from-the-hip messages to female teens and young adults that will empower them to make better choices. Even though Dr. Bob graduated high school at 16 years of age, and held a Bachelors degree by 20 years of age, there were many mistakes along the way.  She recalls, "I wish I had someone to give it to me straight. I made mistakes that I can't reverse." Well that's exactly what Dr. Bob is here to do now - give it to her audience straight. Straight from the heart and straight from experience.  

middle school topics

*Confidence In and Out of   Class

*Different is Dynamic

*Social Media Savvy

high school/


*What In The World Do I Do Now? - for Upperclassmen

    {planned timelines, jobs, relationships}

*College 101 - for Undergraduates 

    {college lifestyle, decision-making, balancing academic & social life}

young adults


*Who are You?

     {Identifying past hurts and discovering who you truly are}


     {Identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship, redirecting negative behavior in relationships, and choosing the right mate to propel you into


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