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After maneuvering this exciting, yet difficult existence we call life, Dr. Bob made the decision to share her stories with women in the community. While pondering how to do so, she thought “I’ll put it on camera.” There are many difficulties women experience and are too ashamed to discuss or ask for help.  From dysfunctional relationships to single parenting, no subject is off limits.  Dr. Bob seeks to assertively educate and encourage women of all ages and nationalities, with intuition and experience as her sole teacher. Take a look.....



Rising Star Edwina Findley Dickerson, Among Team of Fantastic Females, Interviewed for Dr. Bob’s REAL Reality Talk Show Series.


Counselor & Actress Uses Facebook as an Instrument to Encourage & Empower Women, While Building Her Own Dream.  

Tameka Bob combines her academic training, media savvy, life lessons and shoot-from-the hip, southern style to tackle subjects ranging from romantic relationships to career and single parenting.  These are the daily realities for many women. She has enlisted an eclectic group of female up ‘n’ comers from film, TV/radio, psychology and the community. 





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