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Dr. T-Bob


Title: IT'S OKAY TO ANSWER YOURSELF: An INTERACTIVE companion to help you thrive through aloneness

Publication date: August 4, 2023

Available In: ebook | paperback|hardcover

Genre:         Self-Help | Christian 


Ebook           979-8-9888388-2-1      

Paperback   979-8-9888388-1-4    

Hardcover   9798988838807        


Publisher:    Gifted Uniqueness LLC


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People who talk to themselves are crazy, right? Wrong. During periods of loneliness, face-to-face conversations

are limited. Yet, random conversations often occur in the minds of those living through unexpected “me time.”

This self-talk isn’t always the dose of encouragement needed to elevate from loneliness to aloneness. Therefore,

you must talk to yourself. But most importantly, ANSWER YOURSELF to combat those negative thoughts.


"It’s Okay to Answer Yourself" utilizes hurricane analogies, reflective activities, and scriptural references to engage

and educate readers. Hurricanes can cause minimal or catastrophic damage. Additionally, electricity may fail to function; and in worse-case scenarios, there may be loss of life. Like hurricanes, loneliness and uncertainty can also cause minimal or catastrophic damage. Without the proper social and emotional tools, you may experience the latter. The level of damage depends on how we equip ourselves.

"It’s Okay to Answer Yourself" delivers knowledge from a place of experience and research. This companion

is the insightful friend who always keeps it real, with a sprinkle of sugar on top. Each chapter is concluded with

an interactive shelter experience to help you thrive through aloneness. So go ahead and enjoy your journey to


Book Excerpt by Dr. T-Bob
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A Bit About The Author

As she rode the waves through her personal storm of failed relationships and singleness, Dr. T-Bob gained a particular interest in sharing her wisdom with those who struggle to find shelter through such a season.


A lifelong resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. T-Bob earned a Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Education in the discipline of Counseling from the University of New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana University, along

with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northwestern State University.


Dr. T-Bob’s christian upbringing, merged with her experience in academia and motivational speaking, contributes to her success as a

faith-based Counselor Educator. On any given starry night, you may find her performing on stages around the world or penning the next big Hollywood Blockbuster film.

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